Primary Care

Reytor Medical Center: Francisco A Reytor, MD PA

General Medical Practice & Emergency Medicine located in Coral Gables, FL

Primary care at the practice of Francisco A. Reytor, MD, provides comprehensive health care for men and women living in and around Coral Gables, Florida. Many practices limit their care to just one body system, but Dr. Reytor offers services to address all medical concerns – whether they’re acute or chronic. Call his office or schedule an appointment to take advantage of his 35 years of diverse experience.

Primary Care Q & A

What types of issues does primary care medicine address?

Primary care medicine can meet your conventional medical needs by providing check-ups, immunizations, blood pressure checks, and diabetes management.

Dr. Reytor is also available to help with acute issues, such as skin rashes, sore throats, minor injuries, or stomach issues. He has a holistic, but conservative, approach that provides efficient, effective care.
Come to see Dr. Reytor for medical problems including, but not limited to:

  • Heart disease management
  • Diabetic checks
  • Arthritis management
  • Sinus infections
  • Sore throats
  • Sprains and strains

Colds and flu Minor-to-moderate lacerations that may need stitches. Primary care covers all your basic health needs, and if Dr. Reytor needs to refer you to a specialist, he has lots of connections in the medical community.

What are the benefits of having a primary care doctor?

By establishing him as your primary care physician, you can develop a relationship with Dr. Reytor. He helps you take ownership of your health in a natural, practical way. He also learns your specific health patterns and concerns, so he can best promote your welfare, whether you have an immediate illness or an ongoing concern.

Dr. Reytor sees you for check-ups, acute illnesses, and chronic conditions, so he can detect changes in your health before they develop into serious complications.

It’s also convenient to have all your health care needs met in one office. With an in-house lab for blood tests and the capability to do X-rays, ultrasounds, and EKGs on-site, you don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments at different offices for screenings. The office of Francisco A. Reytor is a one-stop location for all your health needs.

What if I have a condition that requires the attention of a specialist?

If you have a complex condition, such as cancer or pregnancy, Dr. Reytor directs you to a trusted colleague who can help you with your illness, condition, or injury. He also offers concierge services to a select group of patients who pay a fee that gives them complete access to Dr. Reytor and quick scheduling for immediate appointments. Concierge medicine gives you the most personalized primary care possible.

For expert medical care that meets all of your primary care needs, call the office of Francisco A. Reytor, MD. Alternatively, schedule your appointments using the online tool.