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Preventive care halts major illness and chronic conditions before they cause major complications that impair your quality of life. At the office of Francisco A. Reytor, MD, in Coral Gables, Florida, you can take advantage of Dr. Reytor’s expertise and experience in primary care medicine to receive screenings and treatments to help you live the healthiest life possible. Call the office or book an appointment online to stay on top of your health and learn how you can benefit from preventive medicine.

Preventive Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is care that aims to help you avoid illnesses, accidents, or diseases. Every year, millions of deaths can be attributed to preventable causes, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease.

At Francisco A. Reytor, MD, preventive care entails immunizations, screenings for common health problems, and counseling to help you avert health problems. Examples of preventive care include:

  • Wellness visits
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Standard immunizations
  • Blood tests to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Weight monitoring

Mammograms, prostate cancer screenings, and colonoscopies are other preventive care interventions that catch diseases in the early stages when they’re most treatable.

What preventive care is available to women and men?

Women’s wellness checks include pelvic exams and Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer. As you reach your 40s, Dr. Reytor also recommends mammograms to check your breast health and bone density screenings to evaluate your skeleton for osteoporosis or osteopenia.
Men benefit from prostate cancer screenings through an exam and a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, if needed.

Men and women benefit from colon cancer screenings and regular monitoring for markers of heart disease. Both sexes also benefit from regular blood pressure evaluation to catch hypertension, which has no outward symptoms.

What is the difference between preventive care and diagnostic screenings?

Diagnostic screenings are performed when you have symptoms that suggest an illness, such as pelvic pain or an irregular heartbeat. Diagnostic screenings help Dr. Reytor figure out the root cause of your pain or discomfort and address the issue.

Preventive screenings are performed even if you don’t have symptoms of a particular disease. These screenings can help prevent a disease from developing in the first place or catch the disease in stages that are manageable and don’t lead to long-term changes in your quality of life.

Diagnostic and preventive screenings can sometimes be the same tests. For example, it’s recommended that you have a regular colonoscopy after age 50. But if you have blood in your stool at a younger age, a colonoscopy may be ordered to find out if you have an issue in your large intestine.

Seek out preventive care from Francisco A. Reytor, MD, to keep your body and mind as healthy as possible. Schedule an appointment using this website or call the office.