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Get personalized medical attention whenever you need it with concierge medicine provided by Francisco A. Reytor, MD, at his practice in Coral Gables, Florida. As part of a concierge medical plan, you get direct access to Dr. Reytor when you have a medical problem or question. You receive more face-to-face care time and better individual support for your health needs. Call the office or book a consultation online to learn how you can benefit from concierge medical care.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What does concierge medicine entail?

Concierge medicine allows you to see your primary care doctor – Dr. Reytor – without long delays. You get health care when you need it and as often as necessary. You pay a set fee for this direct access for all your health concerns.

The popularity of concierge medicine has grown over the past few decades. It used to be a luxury attainable by only the wealthiest of patients. But Dr. Reytor offers his concierge services to men and women who desire personalized attention when they go to the doctor.

Why should I consider concierge medicine?

With concierge medicine, you’re able to forge a strong patient-doctor relationship. You avoid long wait times for appointments and achieve greater peace of mind when it comes to your health because you have a doctor advocating for you.

Concierge medicine affords a number of benefits, including:

  • Weekend hours and direct access to Dr. Reytor
  • Full coordination of care and medications with specialists
  • No surprise medical bills since you pay a set fee
  • Customized care based on your health concerns, lifestyle, schedule, and health goals

With concierge medicine, Dr. Reytor spends more time with you when you have a health care issue, answering all of your questions and concerns. You’re guaranteed that he’ll listen and then educate you thoroughly on your condition and treatment plan.Dr. Reytor won’t rush you through your visit; rather he’ll take the time to ensure you understand your health condition and care plan.

How do I pay for concierge medicine?

You pay a set fee to Dr. Reytor for the concierge medicine service. The practice sets up a payment plan that’s convenient for you and fits within your budget.

Do I keep my insurance with concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine can work together with your health insurance. You pay the concierge fee out of pocket, but screenings, certain treatments, and emergency medical services are still covered by your insurance. The fee covers your unlimited time with Dr. Reytor.

Find out more about the advantages of concierge medicine by calling today or booking a consultation online with Francisco A. Reytor, MD.